Knouse-Fisher Technologies, Inc. located in Burnham, Pennsylvania, offers a full range of computer and networking products and services. Along with a retail storefront that allows us to stock a wide variety of computer merchandise, we offer special ordering at no extra charge. Our location provides a home base to perform our various repair and upgrade services. On-site support and services are also provided in Mifflin County, PA and surrounding areas.

Data Recovery

Data Recover Affiliate for Gillware Inc.



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Call 1(877)624-7206  Don't forget to give them our Affiliate number please. #33857

Motion Control Computing

 Leap Motion claims that its device is “200 times more accurate than anything else on the market — at any price point,” and that “the ability to control any computer with nuanced hand and finger movements will fundamentally transform the way people interact with computers.” Full article: The Motion Control Computing Wars Get Real



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