Part replacement:

We will replace any part in you computer if that part is available.

Virus removal:

We will scan you computer with multiple virus removal tools to ensure you risk of infection is at a minimum.

Spyware / Malware removal:

Again we will run multiple removal tools to ensure the cleanest possible operating system after infection.


Need more RAM no problem. We will research your computer and install the correct type of RAM that will work with your computer.

Hard Drive out of space? Not a problem! We can install a new larger hard drive and copy your data for you so your computer will be exactly how you remember it with the exception of more space available to you.


Do you want or already have a new computer? Cringe at the thought of what to do about the documents, music, pictures, favorites and any other data you have on your old computer? Let us help you out! We can move all of that to your new or potential new computer. Don't forget we can get a new computer for you and it will be what you need.


Are you concerned about your documents or photos? Stop that concern now and let us back that information up for you. If you don't have a device for backup ask about your options.


Need to share files or a printer? Not a problem we can do that for you.

Want wireless access for your DSL or cable connection? Thats not a problem either.


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