Need a printer installed? Yes we will install your printer for you. Directly connected and Networked is no problem.


Remote destop is a remote connection to another computer and gives you the desktop view of that computer and giving you access to all the information that computer has access to. Sounds like something you could use? Call us and ask us about what options you may have that would best benefit you!


Does the software you have give you a lot of pre-installation requirements? Not sure where to begin? Upgrade instructions not clear? Let us help you out. We are use to that technical jargon and will be sure to get that software installed the way it should be.


We provide remote support from our website. If you are having trouble with your email, software, install or even malware, spyware, and virus, if you can still get on the internet we can connect to your computer remotely and help you out.


If you want a place to put your own website and have your own email we can provide that for you! Simple Scripts provide easy access to installing some popular web software like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, and much much more!


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