Have bad noises comming from your laserjet printer? Paper not feeding? Gosted images on your documents? Error Messages? Yes we can fix that!


Need to share files or a printer? Not a problem we can do that for you.

Want wireless access for your DSL or cable connection? Thats not a problem either.


Remote destop is a remote connection to another computer and gives you the desktop view of that computer and giving you access to all the information that computer has access to. Sounds like something you could use? Call us and ask us about what options you may have that would best benefit you!


Need a printer installed? Yes we will install your printer for you. Directly connected and Networked is no problem.


We provide remote support from our website. If you are having trouble with your email, software, install or even malware, spyware, and virus, if you can still get on the internet we can connect to your computer remotely and help you out.


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